Gemstone Identification Reports

The Lotus Hardcover Report is simply the finest gemological report in the world. A Bangkok gemologist 

Lotus Softcover Reports

The compact four-page Lotus softcover report includes:

  • A description of the stone
  • Gemstone identification
  • Color Type (where applicable)
  • Origin (where applicable)
  • Care instructions

Download a sample PDF report here:

Gold reports are reserved for rubies, sapphires and spinels that have been completely spared from enhancement other than ordinary cutting and polishing. Silver reports are for rubies, sapphires, and spinels that have been enhanced to best display their beauty. Learn more about our enhancement codes here.


Lotus Hardcover Reports: The New Standard

Lotus Hardcover Gold and Silver reports are elegant, highly customizable 15+ page reports with full-color photographs created to celebrate the rarity and value of gemstones. These reports enhance the value of your most precious stones by reinforcing the rarity and beauty of these gifts of nature. The Gold cover is strictly reserved for gems that are completely natural, with no enhancements beyond ordinary cutting and polishing. The hardcover report includes all of the identification information in the softcover report, with the addition of more extensive information and imagery. These are customized to suit the subject of the report and can include information on:

  • Connoisseur's guides. How to recognize fine ruby, sapphire, and spinel with information on color and clarity.
  • Origin. Maps, photos, and further details about the stone's origin.
  • Pairs and sets. We describe the rarity factor and work that can go into composing matched suites.
  • Additional photos. Inclusion photos, photos of suites or jewelry sets, and other additional images available on request.
  • Padparadscha. A special supplement is included for padparadscha sapphire.
  • Special Report Appendices. Customized special comments on the finest stones. These comments are only issued at the discretion of Lotus gemologists, and are only available with hardcover reports.

Download a sample hardcover report here:

Sample Lotus Hardcover Report

Color Types

Color types are included free-of-charge for all reports for stones that fall within Lotus' color type ranges. To learn more, see the Lotus Gemology Guide to Color Types.

Origin Opinions

Origin opinions are provided free-of-charge for all reports when our testing reveals sufficient gemological evidence to make an origin determination.

Lotus Custom Reports

Customized hardcover reports are available on request for stones we determine to be of particularly significant value and rarity. The scope of these reports can vary greatly depending on customer requirements. For more information, please contact us directly.

All Lotus Identification Reports include a credit card-sized mini-report for portability, at no extra charge.

All prices are listed in Thai baht and are subject to 7% VAT.

Identification Reports

  Ruby, Sapphire, & Spinel
Gemstone ID Report (soft cover, 4 pp.) ฿3,500
Gemstone ID Report • Matched Pair (soft cover, 4 pp.) ฿7,000
Solid Gold/Silver Report (hard cover, 15 pp. or more) ฿10,000
Solid Gold/Silver Report  • Matched Pair (hard cover, 15 pp. or more) ฿13,500
Gemstone ID Report + Solid Gold/Silver Report ฿11,000
Lotus Custom Report Price on request


Special Report Appendices (at the discretion of Lotus only)

Ruby, Sapphire, & Spinel
Lotus Gem of Distinction Comment (1 page; fine gems only; hardcover only) report fee + ฿7,500
Lotus Royal Gem Comment (3 pages; reserved only for the very top gems) report fee + ฿15,000


Express Service (contact us for availability and details)

  Ruby, Sapphire, & Spinel
Express Service Report fee + ฿3,500


Membership Discounts

Memberships are available for volume clients. This provides discounts on both softcover and hardcover reports to clients who pre-pay for services, at the following rates.*

Membership Level Softcover Reports Hardcover Reports
฿100,000 10% Discount 10% Discount
฿500,000 15% Discount 20% Discount
฿1,000,000 20% Discount 30% Discount

* Services will be deducted from each member’s balance. Balances are held for one year and are non-transferable.


Additional Services

Withdrawing a stone sent for testing   
Withdrawal fee (stone withdrawn with no report issued) ฿500
Verbal Reports  
Verbal Color Analysis (for Lotus Color Type such as Padparadscha, Pigeon's Blood, Royal Blue, etc.) ฿300
Duplicate Reports  
Duplicate Gold/Silver Standard ID Report ฿1,000
Duplicate Solid Gold/Silver Report ฿2,000
Re-ID (within 12 months of original report) 50% of original report fee


Clients that fail to bring in a receipt for pick-up will be charged a fee of ฿500.

Other services upon request; if you don't see it, feel free to contact us.


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