Lotus Images for Sale

Many people have asked us about purchasing our photos for display in their offices and/or homes. Thus we provide this gallery of images that can be purchased. Click on a photo to select your size, etc. See an image on our site that you'd like to buy but is not in this gallery? As long as we own the copyright we may be able to provide it. Contact us and we'll see what we can do.

Gallery-inside 6

Polysynthetic twinning in ruby

Gallery-inside 9

Over the Rainbow – Rainbow garnet, Australia

Gallery-inside 4

Cave Paintings – Dendritic healing; ruby

Gallery-inside 1

Planetary – Chalcopyrite in Mozambique ruby

Gallery-inside 12

Stellate dislocations – Vietnam spinel

Gallery-inside 3

Star Me, Kitten – Trapiche ruby

Gallery-inside 5

Stress Tested – Twinned calcite; Mogok ruby

Gallery-inside 2

Purple Rain – Polysynthetic twinning; ruby

Gallery-inside 10

Needlework – Rutile in garnet

Gallery-inside 8

Fireworks – Iridescent fingerprint; Ceylon sapphire

Gallery-outside 1

Smiling Buddha – Bagan, Myanmar

Gallery-inside 11

Mushroom Jazz – Cristobalite in quartz

Gallery-inside 7

Blooming in Blue – Iridescent films in sapphire

Gallery-outside 10

Greenland ruby mines

Gallery-outside 12

Sapphire miners near Ilakaka, Madagascar

Gallery-outside 5

Jade shop, Ruili, China

Gallery-outside 7

Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Vientiane, Laos

Gallery-outside 8

Jade in hand, Hetian (Khotan), Xinjiang, China

Gallery-outside 2

Sapphire for sale – Mogok, Myanmar

Gallery-outside 3

Siamese cat; Chanthaburi, Thailand

Gallery-outside 4

Jade bowl, Suzhou, China

Gallery-outside 6

Midnight jade market, Yangmei, Guangdong, China

Gallery-outside 11

Leaving Las Vegas – Moramanga, Madagascar

Gallery-outside 9

Sirens of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

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