by Richard W. Hughes & John I. Koivula
Dangerous Curves • A Reexamination of Verneuil Synthetic Corundum

Virtually all gemologists are aware of the curved growth lines and gas bubbles in Verneuil (flame-fusion) synthetic corundum, but few understand exactly why they occur and how they are distributed in these stones. This article clarifies these important identifying features.

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by Richard W. Hughes
The Emerald Buddha • Symbol of the Kingdom of Thailand

An exploration of the history and lore of the Emerald Buddha, a green statue that resides in Bangkok, Thailand’s Wat Phra Kaeo and watches over Thailand.

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by Richard W. Hughes, Olivier Galibert, George Bosshart, Fred Ward, Thet Oo, Mark Smith, Tay Thye Sun & George Harlow
Burmese Jade  |  The Inscrutable Gem

Myanmar's jadeite mines occupy a privileged place, representing the planet's principal source of fine jadeite jade. This article covers the deposits themselves, along with the cutting, grading and trading of jadeite.

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by Richard W. Hughes
Buying at the Source

An essay on buying gems at the source in Asia, with a discussion of how con men play on the greed of those who believe gems will be cheaper at the mines.

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by Richard W. Hughes, with Vincent Pardieu & Dana Schorr
Sorcerers & Sapphires • A Visit to Madagascar • Lotus Gemology

In search of ruby and sapphire on the lost Isle of Madagascar.

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by Wilawan Atichat & Richard W. Hughes
Rock talk  |  A Mogok Geology Primer

A look at the geology of Myanmar's Mogok Stone Tract, home to pigeon's blood rubies and so much more…

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by E. Billie Hughes

An account of a 2013 visit to Mogok – Myanmar's fairy-tale wonderland.

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by Richard W. Hughes & Vincent Pardieu, with Michael Rogers, Olivier Segura and Philippe Ressigeac
Red Sky at Dusk  |  Hunting the Last Siamese Ruby Miner

In search of Thailand's last ruby miner.

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by Richard W. Hughes & John L. Emmett
Heat Seeker  |  UV Fluorescence as a Gemological Tool

One of the greatest gemological challenges is determining if a ruby or sapphire has been heat treated. UV fluorescence can assist in that identification, as well as detecting fillers in emerald.

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by Vincent Pardieu, with Richard W. Hughes & Edward Boehm
Burmese spinel

Since the turn of the millennium, the price of fine spinel has risen at an incredible pace. No longer simply the poor man's ruby, spinel is finally getting the attention it deserves as one of the world's premier gems.

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