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  • Discovery of Rutile Silk in Sapphire in 1878

    Discovery of rutile silk in sapphire

    In 1878, the noted Austrian mineralogist, Gustav Tschermak von Seysenegg [1836–1927], was the first to properly identify silk in corundum, finding it to be composed of the mineral rutile (TiO2). An English translation of his landmark paper is included, along with the original German version.

  • From Peacock to Pigeon's Blood • Lotus Gemology Color Types

    From Peacock to Pigeon's Blood: Deconstructing Lotus Color Types

    A brief description of the color types for ruby and sapphire used at Lotus Gemology.

  • Lotus Gemology Lab Alert for Oiled Gems

    Lotus Gemology warns that oiled rubies, sapphires and spinels are entering the Bangkok wholesale market in increasing numbers. Most, but not all, of these gems are originating from Burma.

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  • Making Gemology Great Again Hat • Order Page • Lotus Gemology


    Introducing the Lotus Hat. It's tremendous.

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    Hat is made of cotton and is adjustable in the back.

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