• Ruby Connoisseurship | Seeing Red

    Seeing Red  |  A Guide to Ruby Connoisseurship

    A loving look at ruby – the gem of passion – from the standpoint of the connoisseur.

  • Six-Rayed Star in Sapphire from Myanmar

    Six-Rayed Star in Sapphire from Myanmar

    A Burmese sapphire shows a celestial scene both externally and internally.

  • Spinel | Resurrection of a Classic

    Burmese spinel

    Since the turn of the millennium, the price of fine spinel has risen at an incredible pace. No longer simply the poor man's ruby, spinel is finally getting the attention it deserves as one of the world's premier gems.

  • Spinel Inclusions | An Exercise in Aesthetics

    Inclusions in Spinel • An Exercise in Aesthetics

    To the jeweler, spinel is famous for its vivid colors. But for the gemologist, this gem is unlike any other. Its extreme hardness allows a fine polish. Couple this with single refraction, which eliminates the image blurring found in most other gems, and a varied landscape of inclusion subjects, and the result is an unparalleled canvas of delight for the photomicrographic artist.

  • World Sapphire Market Update | 2020 | Lotus Gemology

    World Sapphire Market Update • 2020 • Lotus Gemology

    The world sapphire market has changed dramatically in the past 40 years. The authors review the famous sources of the past and look at the current situation in sapphire around the globe.

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