sapphire heat treatment

  • Lecture | Trick or Treatment | Bangkok | 13 September 2024

    Trick or Treatment • Detecting Enhancement in Ruby & Sapphire

    Lotus Gemology's E. Billie Hughes will review the major treatments of ruby and sapphire and how they can be identified.

  • Madagascar Sapphire | Low-Temperature Heat Treatment Experiments

    Madagascar Sapphire: Low-Temperature Heat Treatment Experiments

    Madagascar has become one of the world’s top sources of fine blue sapphire in recent times. In addition to beautiful untreated material, increasing numbers of treated stones have appeared in the market. Some have been heated to relatively low temperatures, below 1350°C, to lighten their color. To help separate unheated and heated Madagascar sapphire, the authors performed experiments to document the changes they undergo with low-temperature heat treatment in air, which is an oxidizing atmosphere.