Lecture • Ruby & Sapphire: A Collector's Guide • Adelaide • 26 July 2014

Ruby & Sapphire: A Collector's Guide

A lecture on the trading and grading of ruby and sapphire, with an emphasis on the fine points of what collectors should look for.

Ruby & Sapphire: A Collector's Guide by Lotus Gemology's Richard Hughes
For centuries rubies and sapphire have been among the most coveted of gemstones, and for good reason. Internationally recognized gem expert and author Richard W. Hughes will explain the why. From their natural creation to their cultural symbolism, he provides an overview the natural and cultural history of rubies and sapphires from around the world. Hughes guides the audience with a connoisseur's eye, explaining what collectors should look for, and what to avoid. Find out why these alluring gems continue to be used as popular stores of wealth and are symbols of royalty to this day.

26 July 2014

68th Gemmological Association of Australia Annual Conference
Adelaide, Australia

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