Frequently asked questions regarding Lotus Gemology's gem testing, gem origin determination and gemstone treatment identification reports.

Frequently asked questions

Can you test stones that are mounted in jewelry?

Do you offer any discounts?

How can I submit a stone by mail?

How can I submit a stone in person?

How much does a Lotus Gemology report cost?

What is your turnaround time?

What’s the difference between a Duplicate Report and a Re-ID?

How can I verify whether my Lotus Gemology report is genuine?

What stones can I get a hardcover report for?

What’s the best way to highlight my most special stones?

What’s the difference between gold, silver, and black reports?

Can you distinguish if my Burmese ruby is from Mogok or Mong Hsu?

Can you guarantee that my stone will get an origin at time of submission?

If I don’t get an origin, do I get a discount?

What does it mean when a sapphire’s origin reads Basalt Related or Metamorphic?

What types of stones are most likely to get an origin report?

Will Lotus issue an origin report on my stone?

Are any stones disqualified from getting a color type?

Can a beryllium (Be) diffused stone get a padparadscha color type?

How does a stone qualify for a "color change" comment on a report?

Is there any way to check a stone’s color type before doing a full report?

What is a Verbal Color Analysis?

Will Lotus issue a color type on my stone?

What does the enhancement code H-FH mean?

What will happen if fillers are detected in a stone?