Ruby–Seeing Red

An exploration of the psychology of the color red, and its relationship to ruby.

Seeing Red: A Passionate Guide to Ruby by Lotus Gemology's Richard Hughes
For two thousand years, ruby has been coveted as one of the world’s most valuable gems. In Eastern lands it was connected with the Sun, around which all other planets rotated. For this reason, Oriental goldsmiths would refuse to mount a ruby in jewelry unless it was placed as the center stone. Many of these early beliefs are connected not just with ruby itself, but with factors deeply rooted in the human psyche and and physiology. In this program, Richard Hughes will explore many of the factors that have combined to make ruby the King of Gems.

Tuesday 30 April 2019; 09:00

2019 Swiss Gemmological Society Congress
Hotel Seerose
Seerosenstr. 1
CH-5616 Meisterschwanden, Switzerland