10 Thoughts on Gemology

Ten lessons on gemology and life.

Forests and Trees: 10 Lessons in Gemology

Gemologists are largely involved with exploring the minutiae of the substances they work with. In this program, the author will step back away from the subject, discussing ten broad lessons he has learned over his 35-year career in gemology. Many of these are personal mistakes he has made. By telling the stories it is hoped that some broad truths can be gleaned that will be of use for both students and practicing gemologists, alike.

The ten lessons that the author will touch upon in his talk are:

  1. The Importance of Psychology
  2. Searching for Significant Differences
  3. Embracing Pressure
  4. Avoiding Prejudice
  5. Beware of Contradictions
  6. Grabbing Opportunities
  7. Altering your Perspective
  8. Choosing the Appropriate Tool (and Understanding its Limitations)
  9. Learning to Self-Edit
  10. Losing the Ego

And one more…

  • Increasing one’s Field of View

9 December, 2014, 18:00–21:00

GIT 2014 Conference
Grand Nanta Ballroom I & II, Holiday Inn
Chiang Mai, Thailand