Downtown: Hunting gems in Southern Tanzania

Since the late 1960's, East Africa has been home to some of planet earth's greatest gem discoveries. And yet, little has been written about certain of these finds. In the autumn of 2007, Richard Hughes and friends set out to fill in the gaps, specifically regarding Tanzania's Mahenge, Songea and Tunduru regions.

Downtown: Hunting Gems in Southern Tanzania by Richard Hughes

While the traditional mines of Burma and Sri Lanka continue to produce, much of the action in today's ruby and sapphire market is taking place in East Africa. In 2007, Richard Hughes completed a survey of corundum mines in Tanzania and will detail that country's mines and markets in this unique multimedia presentation. Those who have seen Richard’s recent programs know that his blend of imagery and sound is not to be missed. Multimedia presentation.

9 March 2009

2nd GIT Conference
Bangkok, Thailand