Andesine: A Panel Discussion

Putting an end to the controversy over andesine from Tibet & Inner Mongolia.

Andesine: A Panel Discussion – Moderator: Dana Schorr
Panelists: Richard Hughes, Ahmadjan Abduriyim, George Rossman & Adolf Peretti with Shane McClure & John Emmett

The mining of natural red and green andesine in Tibet and near-colorless andesine in Inner Mongolia has been a subject of controversy. Large quantities of diffusion-treated andesine from Inner Mongolia entered the world markets without proper disclosure starting about 2000; however the idea that there might also be a source of natural red andesine in Tibet has been met with extreme skepticism from some quarters. This has not only polarized the gemological community, but has also created a lack of confidence in natural Oregon sunstone.

This program will present the latest results from field visits to both Tibet and Inner Mongolia, along with advanced testing of stones from each of those deposits. Simple tests will be described to separate both Tibetan and Inner Mongolian andesines from Oregon sunstones. The purpose is to finally put to rest the controversy surrounding these stones.

Free samples will be handed out to all attendees.

1 February 2012; 09:00

AGTA GemFair
Tucson Convention Center
Tucson, AZ (USA)

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