Microscopy & Photomicrography • Lecture • Birmingham, UK • 16 March 2020

Lotus Gemology's E. Billie Hughes will captain a special workshop devoted to gemological microscopy and photomicrography.

Microscopy & Photomicrography

with Lotus Gemology's E. Billie Hughes

The ability to combine microscope use and photography enables a valuer to not only identify inclusions, confirm natural or synthetic origin, but also share this information, whether for interest’s sake, or if a valuation conclusion is challenged, and can therefore be a vital addition to those ever-important working notes. If you have ever struggled to manipulate microscope, camera, lighting and stone tongs, often with all too- disappointing results, this is an outstanding opportunity to rectify all that, under the expert eye of one of the best in her field, and in an ideal venue.

Workshop overview

The day starts with a journey into the centre of gemstones and the features that gemmologists can see with a microscope. Billie will present the audience with an overview of gemmological microscopy and discussed the most suitable lighting conditions for a variety of scenarios. This includes examples of frequently overlooked features in gems and how to spot them with appropriate lighting setup.

During the practical session, each delegate is provided with their own workstation, complete with microscope and varied lighting to look at inclusions and learn more about what they can tell us about gemstones. We also discuss techniques that can be used to capture photomicrographs. Attendees learn how to take photos through the microscope, with their own cell phone cameras and with a professional photomicrography setup.

Monday 16 March 2020, 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM

The Academy of Valuers
Birmingham City School of Jewellery, Birmingham Assay Office, Icknield Street Entrance
Birmingham, UK
Note: £200 attendance fee; contact the Academy of Valuers directly to register